Friday, January 19, 2018

Teacher Feature - Mrs. Alexander!

Name: Sara Alexander
Hometown: Deerfield, WI
Position: Kindergarten Teacher
College(s) attended & degrees attained: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater,
Bachelors of Science in Education
Years teaching: This is my 8th year teaching
Previous districts: Janesville School District
Years at Deerfield: First year
What do you think makes Deerfield special? The close knit community and
the support the community gives to the schools
Hobbies and interests outside of education: Reading, shopping, and running
What did you want to be when you grew up? At first I wanted to be a marine biologist,
then after having many inspiring teachers in high school, I changed my my focus.
What teams or clubs did you belong to in high school/college? Volleyball and softball
What’s on your bucket list?  To visit Instefjord in Norway.
Is there a teaching tool you couldn’t live without? Pinterest, hehe! Many good ideas
from other professionals.
What are your goals for yourself/classroom this year?  Have fun and learn a lot!!

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