Thursday, February 9, 2017

High School Make-Up Date

February 9, 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are hopeful that the wintry days of the season have passed but not without a few snow days already.  Per the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requirements for hours of instruction, the middle/high school students need to make up instructional time due to the two “inclement” weather days off in January.
The school calendar is always a puzzle of minutes and hours.  Per DPI, elementary grades require 1050 hours of instruction and the middle/high school grades require 1137 hours of instruction.  The district calendar and extra hours we build in to the calendar are always based on the DPI requirement for middle/high school students since we share busing and school staff and they require the most hours of instruction.  This year's school calendar included extra hours to cover a little more than one “inclement” weather day.  At this time, the middle/high school students need to make up one day of school to meet the total hours requirement for DPI.
The 2016-17 District calendar indicates potential make-up dates with the first available date being Friday, February 24th.  We will use Friday, February 24th as the make-up day for middle and high school students only.  The middle/high school building will maintain their regular schedule on February 24th with a full day of classes.
The elementary students will maintain the current calendar schedule which is a no school day on Friday, February 24th.
If we should have additional “inclement” weather, we will look to the next dates on the calendar indicated as make-up time which are April 14th and April 17th.  We are hopeful that there are warmer temperatures ahead soon and these dates will not be needed. 
Thank you for your understanding of the schedule changes to the middle/high school calendar.  We will be sending periodic reminders to the middle/high school students and families over the next few weeks reminding them of this change. 
Michelle R. Jensen
District Administrator

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